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Everything you need to know about Speedy B 25, Louis Vuitton

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Speedy B 25

Hi, world. I have recently purchased my first ever designer handbag from Louis Vuitton and I thought I would write an article and make a YouTube video about it. When I was choosing my bag and was making a dicision I would really highly appreciate something like this, where all the details are mentioned. Here is my take on Speedy 25.

1. History

Louis Vuitton company started back in 1854. Georges Vuitton, the son of Louis Vuitton, introduced the Speedy bag back in 1935. Originally it was introduced in the size 30 (30 cm across) as an everyday bag in comparison to Keepall travel bag. Later on, in 1965 the Speedy bag was made even smaller, now size 25 cm, for a famous actress Audrey Hupburn.

Bandouliere version for the Speedy was introduced in 2011 and became a sensation in the world of Louis Vuitton lovers. A more comfortable version of the bag loved by so many wasn’t however welcomed by everyone, but nevertheless remains one of the most popular bags of the brand.

Choosing a Speedy B you have quite a variety of canvas/leather options. I went with canvas for various reasons, such as durability, price and red inner lining. Damier Ebene print is the original Louis Vuitton print introduced by Louis Vuitton himself, so it has a lot of historical value. Red interior lining is also something that has always been extremely attracting to me.

2. Dimensions

The dimensions of Speedy B 25 are as follows:

  1. 25 x 19 x 15 cm.
    (length x height x width)
  2. the length of the zipper opening is 23 cm.
  3. the drop of the shoulder strap at the longest point is approximately 54 cm.
  4. the drop of the handles is approximately 10 cm.
  5. weight of an empty bag — 490 grams

3. 25 VS 30 dilemma

Oh, this is such a hard choice =)) I’ve watched so so many videos on YouTube on this topic and still it was very hard to decide. I made up a list of points about each bag and I hope they will help you make your choice:

Speedy B 25                                                                          Speedy 30

— 25 cm.                                                                                 — 30 cm.

— Audrey Hupburn                                                             ————

— doesn’t sag                                                                      — tends to sag

— for shorter girls                                                               — for taller girls (170 cm. and above)

— you are smaller built                                                       — you are bigger built

— you like to downsize                                                       — you like to take more things with you

— usually doesn’t need a base-shaper                               — if you want it structured, use a base-shaper

— looks amazing cross-body                                              — looks amazing hand-held

— 980 Euro                                                                         — 995 Euro

4. Things to keep in mind when buying Speedy B at the store

  • Ask your SA to bring you all the Speedies that are available at the store, so that you can compare them and choose the one you like. Usually one bag will be better than the other ones;
  • Try the bag on and look at yourself in the mirror;
  • If possible put everything you are planning to carry in your speedy inside the bagand check if everything fits in;
  • carefully look at the bag, pay special attention to: if the lock and hardware is shiny, stitching, canvas, inner pocket, red lining and the strap;
  • FYI check the serial code of the bag & learn when it was manufactured (first and third numbers represent the week of the year, and the second and forth numbers represent the year). For example, I was very happy to get my Speedy in February 2017, because my Birthday is in February ^_^ If you are supersticious about numbers, that might be important for you as well;
  • If possible — get the bag that is made in France;
  • Ask your SA to provide you, if possible, with a drawstring dustbag for your Speedy, they are much more comfortable to use than fold-over ones;
  • Ask you SA to give you a separate dustbag for the straps: 1. you will be able to store your straps separately and you will prevent you straps ruining the interior of the bag, if you keep them inside the bag; 2. you will be able to use the dustbag for other things, for ex. a scarf;
  • I would recommend to ask your SA to put your Speedy into the dustbag and then into the paperbag straight, without folding it and putting it inside the box. I am concerned about the bag creasing, so that’s the reason;
  • However you can also ask your SA to give you the box separately, just in case you want to store your bag folded one day or if you decide to sell it;
  • Don’t forget to fill in TAX FREE form if you are eligible for it;
  • ASk your SA to tie a ribbon, if she doesn’t do it without you asking )) mine didn’t, so I ended without a ribbon;
  • If you enjoyed customer service provided by your SA ))) ask her to put her card into your receipt envelope.

5. My experience of buying Louis Vuitton bag in Helsinki

The main central street of Helsinki is the Esplanade. Louis Vuitton store is located in the very heart of Helsinki. It is a preety big store and honestly I was intimidated to enter, since it was my first Louis Vuitton purchase. Luckily the store was full of Chinese girls doing their shopping =))) and they definitely made my shopping experinece less stressfull, I’m super thankful!

One of the SAs approached me right away and asked if she could help. She brought the bag I wanted (aka Speedy B 25 in Damier Ebene) and she mentioned that the most often purchased size is 30. I looked at the bag very carefully but since it was the only one I wanted to have at least 2 to compare. Luckily the SA said they had 2 Spedies avalable and she brought in the 2d one. I noticed right away that the 2d bag had a very visible scartch on one of the tabs under one of the handles. I showed it to the SA but it seemed that she didn’t care much. So I went with the first Speedy she showed me. I didn’t want my bag to be folded, because I was very concerned about the creases, so my SA didn’t give me the box.

Now I regret not asking to give me the box separately, just in case. I did ask for a draw-string dustbag, but my SA said that she couldn’t give it to me. I was persistent and asked for a separate dustbag for the detachable strap and thanx God, she gave it to me. Even though she said, that she wasn’t supposed to provide a distbag for the stap ))). The smaller drawstring dustbag is super convenient and I love using it, if not for the strap, then for a scarf. Since my SA didn’t give the box, she didn’t have anywhere to tie the ribbon =) even though I thought she could have tied it onto the paparbag — she didn’t. So I ended up without the ribbon =))). The good thing was that since I was shopping in Finland, I was eligible for 13% of TAX FREE and got 127 € back. So I paid 853 € for my Speedy B 25 in Damier Ebene.

6. Speedy 25 (Damier Ebene) or Alma BB (Epi Noir)?

Speedy and Alma are iconic bags of the Louis Vuitton fashion house, as well as the Neverfull. However the Neverfull is completely different since it is a tote bag. Let’s look at the two bags that are quite similar in size but still different. My next dream bag is Louis Vuitton Alma BB, black in epi leather.

Speedy 25                                                                            Alma BB

— more casual                                                                     — more formal

— Audrey Hupburn                                                            — Gabrielle Chanel

— more slouchy                                                                   — structured

— no feet                                                                               — 4 feet

— gold hardware                                                                 — silver hardware

— small black hole                                                              — easier to find things

Both bags are very secure compared to the Neverfull. Of course, Alma BB fits less tat Speedy B 25. Overall I can say that the Speedy 25 fits a lot and doens’t look like it does.

7. Ways to wear Speedy B 25

  1. handheld without strap
  2. handheld with strap
  3. short/long
  4. on the crook of your arm
  5. on the shoulder with a long strap setting
  6. on the shoulder with a short setting
  7. cross-body
  8. handheld VB style

8. Thanx and credits / Videos that were helpful 

Charles Gross 

Charis LVloverCC — I love her channel so much!

Fashionable Amy — she was so so helful and asnwered my questions!

Minks4All —

Nastasia M amazing and helpful videos about bags



Instagram — @Askermom — was super helpful too!

9. What’s next?

My next Louis Vuitton dream purchases are:

  • ALMA BB epi Noir

Hope, this was interesting and helpful! Thanks for reading ^_^, logo

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