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My Burberry check wool scarf — reveal and first impression

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My first Burberry scarf reveal and first impression (Burberry check wool square / Ivory Check)

Hi guys! Even though my blog has mainly been dedicated to Korean skincare, I thought I would share with you my second passion — luxury goods. This is my first Burberry scarf that I ordered from the official website as a Christmas gist from myself to myself ^_^

Let’s start from why did I buy it in the first place? I’ve always been a scarf girl. I still have a lot in my closet but they’ve always been non branded ones. I guess the most expensive I had was from Zara. I cannot say I didn’t know anything about Burberry, I did and I even knew their traditional check pattern on a brownish background.

I had been living my quiet and unpretencious life up until I got interested in fashion and luxury around a year ago (in 2015). At that time my financial status was far too limited to be able to afford anything from the luxury segment. But I found the topic really interesting and watching YouTube videos about Chanel and Louis Vuitton was the most relaxing and amuzing before-bed me time.

The most influential people on YouTube in terms of luxury for me are: Chriselle Lim, Amie Chase, Charles Gross (his bags related videos are super informative) and a goregous momma LVloverCC. Her actual name is Charis and she is the one responsible (ha-ha) or I would say my inspiration behind this purchase. Charis films wonderful videos about her loveliest handbag & SLG collection and OOTD (outfit of the day). She also made a video about her luxury scarf/shawl collection. That’s where I saw this Burberry scarf (link here) and fell head over heels in love with it . I loved its colours: white, light & dark grey, burgundy red and its shape: square.

I checked the official Burberry website and to my surprise they do ship to Russian Federation with UPS delivery service. It took me a little more than 10 months to save up for ithe scarf and it was absolutely painless.

In some YouTube videos I heard people complaining about Burberry packaging. People were saying that Burberry packs scarved in tubes not in proper boxes and doesn’t provide any dustbags (unlike Louis Vuitton for ex.). I used the Live Chat on the official Burberry website and asked the SA specifically about the packaging for the scarf. He/she told me that the scarf I wanted would be definitely packed in a square sturdy box. I made my order and after 13 days I received the package. Amazingly it came just before Christmas even though in Russia we celebrate it on a different date unlike other countries.

printsceen showing the journey my lovely scarf made to meet me ^^

The box itself looks very simple and it doesn’t have any indications that there is a Burberry item inside. I have ordered from Farfetch before and I should tell you guys, Farfetch boxes are better ^^ But that’s a UK brand, so everything is very minimalistic. Not that I care too much, though.

However when you open the box you can see that the inside is all nice and festive gold. There is also a Burberry envelope with a blank Burberry card and info on your order inside. You can also see that the packaging is not a square white box, but a tube with green ribbon. The SA was obviously wrong. I guess I ticked the gift packaging option when I was ordering it, so I’m not sure if it is gift one or standard. I got pretty upset, to be honest, when I saw the tube. I could tell it would be a tube just by the shape of the package right when the UPS delivery man handed it to me. But the more I look at the tube now, the more I love it.

Here comes my love ^_^. I’m not sure if you can refer to a scarf as a «she» or a «he». I guess it is a «she»/ like with handbags ))) anyway, here it is. Another weird thing about Burberry packaging is, as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t come with a dustbag or at least some tissue paper to protect the scarf. So it just sists there in the tube without any extra protection or wrapping.

The official name of the scarf is Check wool scarf large. Colour: Ivory check. It is made in Scotland though not all Burberry scraves are. Do mind this fact and if you are particulary interested in Made in Scotand one, then do check the info on the label or on the website carefully before you make your purchase. Its size is 110:11o cm. And it is made of 100% merino wool.

The scarf is very delicate and soft. It has two tags. The first one simply says the name of the brand — Burberry and I didn’t cut it off. The second one has all the information and care instructions. That second one is very thick and heavy and has some additional black plastic and paper elements attached to it. All these add a lot of weight to the scarf and pull on it a lot. So I do recomment to not only get rid of the black attachements but also of the fabric info label as well. Because, in my case, because of the weight of it all, there were holes already formed in the scarf!!!

label I cut off

even this tiny label, I hope you can see, it does pull on the scarf quite a bit 

little holes that were left after I cut off the info label

I am anyway in love with my new Burberry scarf and I’m planning on wearng it a lot and in different ways. If you want me to include some modelling shots or info on how you can style this scarf, please, let me know in the comments below. Btw can you guess which Burberry item I’m now lusting after?

If you do already have a similar Burberry scarf, please, let me know if you are happy with it and if you’ve experienced any problems with labels or any at all.

What do you guys think about the tube packaging?

Thank you for reading my blog! LOL!

nikkadon.com, logo

PS: SALE — Burberry does have sales sometimes, so do check out their website regularly to get some great deals. However do keep in mind that heritage or classic items like some scarves and some trench coats never go on sale.

All pictures are taken by me. Camera: Canon EOS M.

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